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Conservative Evangelicals may have a problem with his stance on taxes, his universal healthcare proposal, his left wing position on abortion and any other number of issues. But they can’t quibble with his core values. Because, like it or not, they are their values. He stands up for the life-transformative power of faith, the society-transforming role of the church, the grassroots nature of real, social change and, this Father’s Day, Barack Obama addressed the absolutely essential role of the father in the home. It wasn’t some sentimental salute to dads on Dad’s Day. It was an indictment of the failure of too many African-American men to live up to their God-appointed responsibilities. It was a sermon of fiery exhortation and pew-squirming finger-pointing. And it was delivered by a man who knows firsthand what it feels like to have your dad walk out on your family. So, my brethren, obsess on the missing lapel pin, the funny-sounding middle name and his fist-bumping spouse. Because when it comes to personally modeling biblical, godly, conservative family values, Obama puts most of our GOP heroes to shame.



  1. I was particularly impressed with his comments about the family’s foundation being shaken by the absence of the fathers. Well said, for a moment I thought he was courting conservative voters. But as you so aptly pointed out, he IS pro-choice.

    Abortion outside of medical reasons, rape or incest is IRRESPONSIBLE. When you choose to abort a baby, you are in essence saying “I’m not willing to take on the responsibilities that my actions have brought.”

    So here we have Obama telling african american males to step it up and accept their responsibilities, while on the other hand he advocates disassociating yourself of all responsibility via an abortion. How utterly ironic. I don’t think he’s thought the abortion one through, as most politicians don’t. I’m afraid that this is yet more proof that Obama follows his party line pretty tightly.

  2. I think his comment on fathers was a good step in getting in touch with the middle of America.

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