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Peggy Noonan suggested this week that John McCain invest in a portable lecturn. Because of his diminutive stature and limited arm movement (POW’s never have a nice day), McCain appears to be––according to Noonan–– a “drowning man” behind the podium. Unfortunately, stage craft isn’t McCain’s problem. He appears to be a drowning man because…umm…he is one. Only a drowning man throws away his personal integrity and clings desperately to those issues he once opposed. Only a drowning man, rejects a principled stance against torture to pander to his base. Only a drowning man flails around and tosses overboard an unpopular position on immigration to cater to hardliners in the GOP. Only a drowning man shows up for photo ops with right wing televangelists, only to torpedo their endorsements a week later. McCain doesn’t need a smaller podium, he need a larger spine. After all, it wasn’t George W Bush’s policies that the Republican base admired, it was his unswerving, steely-eyed tenacity. John McCain the straight talk Maverick might have lost the November election. But he would have lost it on his terms. Now…well…No one likes watching a man drown.


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