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Would an Obama presidency be an abomination to the Lord? Would it raise the number of abortions in this country? This is an argument that I hear from many pro-life evangelicals and Catholics. But let’s ask ourselves a more important question. Could a pro-abortion candidate be a pro-life force? Considering abortions went up under pro-life Reagan and down under pro-choice Clinton, it is a very likely possibility. A woman’s choice is very different in a bad economy than in a good economy. It is very different when the world is a safe place, than when it is a scary place. It is very different when the tax code penalizes marriage than when it does not. It is very different when jobs are sent overseas, than when jobs are kept here at home. And for all the harping on the partial birth abortion ban that politicans do, the fact is that banning partial birth abortions will not save ONE unborn life from extermination. There are plenty other late term procedures available. It is simply a political football to make the naive electorate on both sides of the issue believe that something is going on when nothing really is. So the question is what are you voting for, pro-lifers? Fewer abortions or a nominally pro-life President? It is a question that is worth asking yourself.


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