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This was the response of a friend of mind concerning the major parties’ presumed 2008 presidential candidates. The bottom of the barrel. I hear this a lot from my fellow evangelicals. I live in a part of the country where there are still people who think George W Bush hung the moon. And they will assure you that McCain is not running for Bush’s “third term” as Obama puts it. McCain makes them nervous. And Obama makes them nauseous. They line up with Geraldine Ferarro and explain that the only reason he has gotten where he is today is because he is black. (Right. Black people get all the good jobs!) Any way, I was amused today to discover that these two “lightweights” have genius-level IQs (McCain:166; Obama:172). This would make either candidate the smartest President in US history. So, it seems my friends are correct: These two are no President George W. Bush. And to that, let me say, “Thank you, Jesus!”


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  1. I am sure that of all the IQ’s floating around in the barrel, these two candidates are at the very top of the barrel. I don’t have much of a problem with the candidates, my problem is with the barrel.

    The range of debate on the issues within the barrel is where the bottom is scraped. Which country should be invaded this year, how much time the citizens should be slaves this year ,how the constitution can be re-interpreted this year and how we can self congratulate ourself along the way. These are not issues of change. They are just deck chairs on the Titanic.

    Of course, IQ does come into this issue. Unfortunetly, the important IQ is the political IQ of the governed. It seems that most of the governed are quite comfortable being “American Idle” and choosing between Disaster A and Disaster B.

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