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Political pandering or a consistent personal faith? You be the judge. Either way, Obama has decided to expand the faith-based policies of George W. Bush. What can we expect? A confused electorate. Some liberal-leaning critics of Dubya’s befuddled melding of Church and State will attack Obama’s program as wrongheaded. Some evangelical proponents of faith-based funding will give Obama a second look. Maybe he’s one of us. And, I am sure, that the dyed-in-the-wool GOP-infatuated Religious Right will begin an e-mail campaign insinuating this is all part of a vast jihad by which our tax dollars will be laundered through phony Muslim charities to fund terrorism. I mean, his middle name IS Hussein. But the biggest thing that will face Obama with his faith-at-work policies is the sticky issue of discriminating against volunteers, employees and recepients on the basis of their religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Then there is the bigger issue of proselytizing that goes hand-in-hand with most faith-based organizations and their ministries. After all, if Jesus can fill your empty belly, wouldn’t you like to kneel now and have Him fill your empty heart? Not exactly ecumenical, if you get my drift. So good luck with this one, Barrack. You’re gonna need it.


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