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Is Obama starting to make the same mistake McCain has made? Shape-shifting? Straight talking out of both sides of his mouth? It is one thing for a young Bill Clinton to run as a new kind of Democrat. It is another thing for the reform candidates to reform their positions on the fly. McCain has abandoned his position on immigration, he has reneged on torture at Gitmo, he has bent over backward to look less like a Maverick and more like a Rightie. Is Obama starting to do the same? The senator from Illinois has come out against the DC gun ban. (Are you listening NRA independent?) He has endorsed the Bush Faith-based program (Hey, evangelical Republicans, I’m one of you). And now he is talking about refining his position on withdrawing from Iraq. Is Obama making a giant tactical mistake? Or is he doing exactly what former President Nixon advised a hopeful Bill Clinton: “Run for President on the right; govern in the middle”? So, you tell me: Agent for change or just another reneger? (Excuse me, renegro.)


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