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John McCain’s latest podium sign reads: Reform, Prosperity, Peace. It sounds like a bad Elvis Costello song and it illustrates what the Obama campaign has been so good at. Instead of painting the podium green one day and navy blue the next; Instead of having one theme one day and another the next (or 3 themes, as the case may be); The Obama folks have stuck with a blue sign that always says “CHANGE.” What is amazing is it is not always the same sign. When he is in the primary season, it reads: “CHANGE we can believe in.” When he is standing hand-in-hand with a defeated Hllary Clinton, it reads: “Unite for CHANGE.” Ocassionally, CHANGE doesn’t show up on the sign to make room for a big “FAITH” for a Faith-based speech. But that is rare. The Obama camp understands the importance of consistency in building a brand. Hopefully, McCain’s recent reorg will give him a message he can stick with. Peace, Love and Understanding, perhaps.


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