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When Obama lands in the Middle East this weekend, he may think he has entered the Twilight Zone. For he will be confronted by a US foreign policy that sounds less like George Bush and more like Barack Obama. This president who has consistently resisted “timetables for withdrawal” has agreed in principle to “time horizons for withdrawal.” Apparently, “timeTABLES” embolden terrorists and “time HORIZONS” don’t. You may recall that this same president has consistently said he will never “negotiate with terrorists.” Yet, this week, Bush is sending a member of the State Department to sit at the table and dialogue with the Iranians (AKA the poster children of the Axis of Evil). Then there is the Obama position that we need to draw down troops in Iraq and send more troops to Afghanistan. It seems that Secretary of Defense Gates thinks that is one heck of a good idea. Hmmm. Discussions with Iran, timetables for withdrawal and reallocating troops to Afghanistan. These are all the sort of naive things a President Obama might do. Right? That’s why he can’t be trusted to keep us safe. Right? I seem to remember John McCain saying as much. All of which seems very convenient. Now McCain can distance himself from Dubya and Obama in one fell swoop. They are both, it seems, soft on terrorism.


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