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Well, the Democrats have given the abortion plank of their platform a makeover. The language is being tweaked in deference to the growing number of pro-life progressives under the Democratic tent. In fact, pro-life representatives were actually included on the drafting committee. Yay, team! But, like the man said, the meek will inherit the earth and the pro-life Democrats must be among the meekest. Because much of the new language is actually morally weaker than 4 years ago. For instance, the phrase that abortions should be “safe, legal and rare” has been excluded. In fact, the idea that abortions should be rare (implying that it is a choice but not a good choice) is totally gone. Nice work, pro-lifers! What? Were you napping through that one? Sheess! What has been added in its place is the idea that women who choose to bring their pregnancies to term should be provided with government assistance in health care and adoption services. Which I guess is something. A speck. A blob. Something small. But something.


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