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At the Saddleback Church forum, Evangelical pastor Rick Warren asked another interesting question. “Do you believe evil exists and if you do, should we run from it, negotiate with it, contain it or defeat it?” Obama recognized its existence and said that we can see it in Darfur, on American streets and in the travesty of child abuse. Then Obama aknowledged that only God can defeat it, but we can be His soldiers in waging the fight against evil. When John McCain’s had his turn, his answer was short and sweet. Yes, it exists and we must defeat it. And if I am elected President, I will. The crowd went wild. The lesson? Nothing thrills a Evangelical congregation like bad theology. Obama gave a biblical response and got nothing. McCain put himself in God’s place and got enthusiastic applause. So, Hal Lindsey, who’s the Antichrist now?



  1. There will be more evil, there will be more wars.

  2. Wow, McC, nice name – not!

    The response was not just solely based on a blind emotional appeal, but rather a recognized universal appeal to strive against evil.

    Obama’s “nuanced” answer was crippled by the typical blind liberal-schooled attitude that evil is a religious based concept, and that “perception” of evil is merely a social-based determination, and one that cannot be truly determined, or rather, absolutely determined. That’s why he immediately assigned “evil” to American streets and “parents”, rather than communist and Islamic and socialist fascism.

    Believe in yourself or believe in nothing.

  3. Place me with the Americans who see Handsome Smitty as evil.

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