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In the movie Raising Arizona it is called a “wayhomer.” The joke a guy tells you at a party and you don’t really get until on the way home. Well, the 3 A.M. announcement that the Democratic faithful received on their Blackberries was precisely that. (It took me 6 six hours to see the joke of it.) It was that phone call in the middle of the night that proves whether this potential commander-in-chief can make the right decision. I would say, yes he can.



  1. It took me six hours to get the e-mail. Does that mean that I am not a party faithful.

  2. It seems that picking a vice president running mate would be a decision that could be made during regular working hours. What exactly was the phone call in the middle of the night. Did the staff call at 2:59 am and say “Barack, you have to decide”. Did a sleppy eyed Barack say “Ok, ok, uh, uh, Hil…, no,no,what am I think’n, Edw.., no, cant do that one either, uh,uh, the pressure, uh, uh, Biden, BIDEN!!!” The party faithfuls Blackberrys (do they really have Blackberrys though, they seem so Republican) lets use iphones, beep and the party faithful read the e-mail and go back to bed with a little grin thinking “HE CAN MAKE A DECISION IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!”

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