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Yup. That’s the enemy in a nutshell. And only one man can save us from it: John McCain. He’s a P.O.W., by golly, and ready to kick some ass. This of course, is the unwritten subtext and Joe Lieberman’s and Lindsey Graham’s WSJ Op-Ed column. We have another Cold War brewing, al-Qaeda to left us, a nuclear Iran to the right of us. It’s a big, scary world and no green, big-earred, globe-trotting Hopemonger is going to be able to be tough enough. Heck, he isn’t even man enough to fight dirty in a political election. It’s the mantra that has kept the White House in Republican hands these last 8 years: Be Afraid! Be very Afraid!!!!


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  1. Of perhaps the Hopemonger, will send Biden to do his work. I am sure he will come up with something original like “Mr. Putin, tear down this wall!”.

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