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Remember when John McCain said that Barack Obama would rather lose a war than lose an election? Remember when he said that Obama cared more about his own success than his country’s success? So why does it feel, all of a sudden, like Obama’s choice of a V.P. is all about putting the welfare of our country first and McCain’s choice is all about winning an election? Sure, Sarah P. is a tough-minded reformer ready to take on the oil companies (and who doesn’t love that?). Sure, she is perky and pro-life. Sure, she loves the environment and the NRA. But, what happened to “experience counts”? It counted last week but not this week? I’m confused. If I should vote for a 72-year-old dude for President because of his years of experience, shouldn’t I want a little bit of that in the backup Prez ––God forbid––should the old boy kick off? Or is the office merely about, as the Obamites claim, having sound judgment? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s about having a little bit of both. The question is: How much of “a little bit” is enough?


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  1. You have a decent homer agrument about foriegn policy here but you can make the same argument about Obamas idea of change. What was Obamas idea of change, picking a senator that has part of the system for ever. What has happen with the vice-president picks is that McCain now looks like the change canidate.

    My trouble is the I would rather have Palin at the top of the ticket.

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