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It’s funny how some people assume that religious conservatives are all about being mean and judgmental.The fact is––and I think this would be hard to dispute– it has been the liberal blogging class who have been gossip-mongering and judging Sarah Palin and her pregnant daughter these past two days. Several tone-deaf media pundits even suggested that this out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy would not bode well with family values voters. This prediction shows that the liberal media neither understands the Religious Right’s values or the Religious Right’s religion. No, the social conservatives love Sarah Palin. They don’t judge her. They forgive her. Sure, their politics sometimes trump their faith. Sure, their single-issue litmus tests may be overly simplistic. Sure, Palin’s compelling personal story, may make them blind to the woman’s inexperience. But get this straight. These aren’t the folks judging pregnant teenagers. These aren’t the ones that think a 17-year-old bringing a child into this world is foolish and wrong. Nope. Not at all. So my fellow liberal bloggers, here’s my advice: Take a long look in the mirror and go and sin no more.


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