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Oh, not the old dude kowtowing to the base of his party while calling that being a “Maverick.” That speech was a snoozefest. The old coot can’t give a speech to save his life. Move over John, and let Sarah take over. She rocks! No, the American hero I’m talking about is Barack Obama. Tonight he crash-landed behind enemy lines: FOX’s The O’Reilly Factor. It was quite the display of heroism and love of country.  O’Reilly may have busted his balls, but he couldn’t break his will. It is clearly the most substantive interrogation of this election. Nicely done, Mr. O’Reilly. If Obama can face down you, he can easily handle Iran.


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  1. More like two guy arguing over who to invade next. They both are in general agreement that we have the moral right to do as we please in soverign countries as long as it is in the “interests” of America. The only difference being one is driving towards the cliff at 100 mph and the other is at 120 mph. I thought Obama was about change. Nope! Nada! No!

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