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She has a voice as piercing as nails on a chalk board, but Sarah Palin sure can deliver a speech! She was poised, confident and as tough as moose meat. Clearly, she has earned the name “Sarah the Baracuda.” She even had her bored-looking children politely applauding. This is the sort of speech you want from your running mate–– full of innuendo and guffaws. Her opening hockey puck was shot over the bow with the precision of an Olympian. Take her line that Obama has authored two books, but no reforms or significant pieces of legislation. It had the crowd on their feet. It’s, of course, not true. But this is not a crowd that is interested in truth or nuance, just red meat, and plenty of it. And Sarah did not disappoint. And who can forget the crack about the styrofoam collums being sent back to Hollywood? Who doesn’t love to hate the preening, narcissism of Hollywood Liberals? In your face,! And best of all, her promise that there is plenty of oil for the drilling in her rugged, post card-perfect, state. Yes, her perky presence, soap opera private life and piercing soprano is definitely going to make this election interesting.



  1. Shucks! It almost made me think of voting for Obama when she claimed he had no significant legislation. Now you have ruined it for me.

  2. I told you that those styrofaom columns would come back to haunt Obama. The olny thing that really creeps me out so far at the RNC is the giant 1984’esque tv screen (kind of reminds me of the Apple Mac commercial.

  3. Can you buy one of those significant legislation-o-meters?

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