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Maybe this is just the nature of politics. Maybe the Republican rhetoric isn’t suppose to make sense. Maybe the things politicians complain about in speeches are nothing more that applause lines. Like when they say that the federal government is trying to do too much, then complain that the Democrats are a do-nothing-congress (as if the government should be doing more). Or when they say that the taxpayers’ money could be better spent by taxpayers themselves but happily charge the taxpayers for the nights they spend sleeping in their own beds. Are they confused? I know I am. Well, maybe they just like having things both ways. Yep. I’m pretty sure that must be it.


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  1. I thought “do nothing Congress” was the applause line.

    So the Governor of Alaska only makes $125,000 a year. Seems like thats an under-paid job. And a per diem of only $60 a day. That just doesn’t add up. Think about it: moose and eggs for breakfast has to be $15, a moose burger and moose stew for lunch I am sure cost at least $20, then there is only 25 bucks left for filet mien moose for dinner. It just shows you that they “want their moose and eat it too”.

    Oh, by the way, the per diem was for meals and expenses. It would be better said that they were paid for meals possibly eaten in their own home. Quite shocking and scandelous!

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