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Straight-talking John McCain is letting his campaign wag the dog once again. Yesterday, Obama said John McCain is serving up the same old Bush policies and calling it “change.” Then Obama used the expression “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” The McCain campaign shot back with “How dare Senator Obama call Sarah Palin a pig!!!” Hullo? When did…oh I get it…Sarah Pallin’s lipstick on a pit bull joke. Okay, so I know that no one at McCain headquarters is dumb enough to think that Obama was calling Palin a pig. And notice that they are okay with Obama characterizing their policies as warmed-over Bush policies. And excuse me, but isn’t it Sarah Palin that owes hockey moms an apology? So John, tell me, where is all the reform-minded integrity on this B.S.? Obama is the guy that told the press to back off on Palin’s daughter. When are you going to say something?



  1. Speaking of integrity, where’s Obama’s on the bridge to nowhere? He and Biden both voted for the bridge, didn’t they?

  2. What, you mean Obama’s crack writing staff didn’t think of this “wayhomer”. The one’s that brought us the 3 am vice presidential e-mail only accidently included the perfect “lipstick” dig. Its amazing that a bunch of super smart guys missed a joke that the crowd got right away. I hope they are more careful when they write speeches concerning Russia. I wouldn’t want war to break out over calling Putin a “Russian Boar”.

  3. Wow, David. The Karl Rove Jedi mind tricks even work on you. Impressive!

  4. Actually, I liked the joke. I don’t understand why Obama has to be so politically correct. This is politics, lets rummble. The republicans can make fun of the community organizer and I think its fair for the democrats to make fun of the lipstick line. When both parties agree on the all the substitive issues (american empire, invasion of individual liberties, public debt and monetary policy) it makes it more fun to add some spice to the campaign. Palins response should be “your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries”.

  5. So let just say it was a total mistake. It certainly was a blunder. I think this Sarah Palin thing is getting to him. I still think that the “change” he is really thinking about is how to “change” Biden for Hillary.

  6. But Obama wasn’t making fun of the lipstick line. That’s the point. He was making fun of McCain’s 95% voting record being “magically” about change.

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