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Charlie Gibson looked a little like a disapproving dad ready to ground his daughter if she gave bad answers. And Sarah Palin did her darnedest to answer questions that no one told her were going to be on test. Like, did she agree with the Bush Doctrine? She tried to bluff her way through that one, before Papa Charlie had to straighten the little scaliwag out. At least now, Sarah Palin knows what the Bush Doctrine refers to. It would be easy to dismiss this as gotcha journalism, but I was a little curious to see what the highly-briefed Palin still is clueless about. Um…a lot, it appears. Well, I know some people who will be very cross with Charlie Gibson. And the rest of us? We may be the ones feeling something we never thought possible: nostalgia for Dick Cheney.



  1. Sorry liberals, but you messiah’s campaign is in “meltdown” mode. Please keep bashing Palin, call her Pontius Pilate, call John McCain an old fish. Obama’s lost it. He’s history. Even Biden says Clinton was the better choice for VP. You guys are a laugh riot.

  2. I have no agreement with the McCain/ Palin or Obama/ Biden on foreign policy. Both are completely disastors amd are nothing but marginally competent incompetents. Could someone just have a discussion of Just War Therory. Maybe we start to think that we have some natural right to do as we please to protect our “interests”. Instead we get discussion about tactics. Palin is a complete disappointment on foriegn policy. But then again so is McCain, Obama and Biden. Self canceling in my opinion. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! A pox on them all!!!

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