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Yep. It was John McCain being just one of the girls. Unfortunately, John wasn’t selling what these babes were buying (With the exception of the bubble-headed blonde on the end). In fact, The View looked more like Bill O’Reilly going three rounds with Obama. Only on The View, four ladies hold you down while Barbara or Whoopi let you have it. I didn’t get the impression that most of these women were honored and touched that the GOP had added a lightweight woman to the ticket.



  1. I was more impressed – and not favorably – by Whoopi’s ignorance and willful stupidity.

  2. So Whoopi thinks adhering to the constitution means she would still be in slavery (I think that is why the constituiton allows amendments). Three of the others seem to think McCain should have pick a liberal as a running mate (certainly possible with McCain, but probably not a election winner- Republicans generally vote for Republicans). The bubble head I am sure is there to showcase the itellectual superiority of conservative women. My guess this isn’t exactly a cross section of the american electorate.

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