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The feds have decided that they are all full up with dysfunctional financial institutions. Lehman Brothers has shuttered its doors. And Merrill Lynch has shuddered Wall Street. All because of a greed gone wild. And suddenly both candidates are saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Well, one candidate is saying that “It’s the fundamentally-sound-economy, stupid.” And the other is saying THAT is stupid on stilts. Which, as bad as this all is, has temporarily drowned out the GOP distraction machine bellyaching about who gets to put lipstick on animals with impunity. In fact, as the economy continues to take a swan dive into an empty pool, people are going to be less concerned about a potential VP’s prayer language; And more concerned about whether our economy has a prayer. It is also a helpful reminder that the wreckage caused by an act of God is nothing compared to the chowder-headed devastation that comes down from the enterprising acts of men.



  1. I better understanding of the problem would say that the problem is “government gone wild”. I have no hope that our current or near future government will fix the problems “government caused”. It is like listening to a roomful of alcoholics who, upon being told they suffer from cirrhosis of the liver, busy themselves with finding a more suitable brand of Scotch! This is a mine field, unfortunetely, Obama or McCain are going to step on everyone.

  2. Just as another example of the problem the government has caused is the purchase of Merill by Bank of America. What they have done is to make themself the “fatted calf”. The government has drawn the line in the sand and now everyone will quickly get on the “bailout” side of the line. All they need to do is make them self “too big to fail”. So watch for more giant mergers in financials, automakers, the airlines and etc., etc..

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