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We’ve all known Patriotism has veins. If you cut it, it bleeds. Not my blood, of course. It’s the blood of some gung-ho kid from Ft. Hood. And I show my appreciation every Memorial Day by waving a miniature flag in memory of all the faceless gung-ho kids that took a bullet so I could enjoy my freedom. It’s been a pretty good deal for us who who haven’t given our limbs and lives, lying facedown in the muck in some jungle or desert. All for that miniature flag we so proudly are streaming. Now, Joe Biden comes along and has the unmitigated audacity to reframe Patriotism. He wants to make it about MY sacrifice. Sacrifice? You’ve got to be kidding. What are these Democrats? A bunch of commies? Nope, sacrifice is for suckers, losers. For those gung-ho kids in camoflauge without 401Ks and bright futures. Not for those of us that make over $250,000 a year. No sirree! We aren’t the ones who bleed for our country. Not now. Not ever. Especially not when our country would like us to bleed green. There are other suckers for that. They are called the Middle Class. Let them keep bleeding. After all, it’s their patriotic duty.



  1. It’s easy for the leaders to send the little guys to war.

    But I also figure that ANY president or VP makes sacrifices during office that I would not want to make…

  2. Your post reminds me of the famous qoute by Stephen Decatur (I grew up right outside of Decatur, Illinois) that is often quoted “My country, right or wrong”. It’s a loyalty that, at least emotionally, acts as if the object of our loyalty could never be wrong. It’s patriotism that that demands alligence to the state and the red and green blood it needs to survive without much of a question.

    Of course, they always gets Decatur qoute wrong. The actual qoute is “My country, may she always be right, but my country right or wrong”. The full quote gets it. Patriotism that is blind to faults is not patriotism at all. I believe the better term would be idolatry.

    You also make a clear error in understanding sacrifice. Our gung-ho kid, bleeding red, gives up his life (as long as there is no consciption) in sacrifice for what he thought was the greater good. Our taxpayer, bleeding green, is the conscriptor whos “fruits of labor” are taken away in order to fund the will of the state. He doesn’t sacrifice because he is being robbed. If the taxpayer gave up our money in the same voluntary way of our gun-ho kid signs up for service, we would quickly see our gung-ho soilder stationed safely in Ft. Hood as the State lacke the resources to fund its adventurism. Your argument only causes greater and greater bleeding, both red and green.

  3. Yep, David. Taxation is like conscription, last I checked.

  4. Here is one of the definitions for Conscription:

    a general term for involuntary labor demanded by some established authority.

    So when the government taxes our labor its voluntary. We don’t really have to pay. Instead of signing up for the tax, I can opt out. It just seems like Wesley Snipes “opting out” landed him in prison.

  5. Just to get my logic straight:

    If a person threatens to make me his prisoner, if I don’t give him my money. It is either called kidnaping or theft.

    If the government threatens to make me his prisnor, if I don’t join his army. It’s called conscription.

    If the government threatens to make me his prisoner, if I don’t pay his taxes. It’s called voluntary taxation.

    Just checking the basics of moral logic in a free society.

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