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“This is an unprecedented crisis. We need more power. And we need it now.” Or in Bushspeak: “Gitter done!” The current financial crisis is being met by with healthy skepticism on both sides of the aisle. Republicans are reluctant, because it goes against their free market sensibilities. Democrats are cautious, because they’ve heard this all before with the Patriot Act and the run up to the war. Thank goodness, John McCain is back in Washington. What this crisis needed was more photo ops.


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  1. More like the democrats are cautious, despite their anxiousness to create more government power, to get more political cover from the statist wing of the Republican party. Come on Republicans if you think government can rescue us from certain terrorism its not that much of a reach to think the government can rescue us from certain economic collapse.

    I will say that should the Republicans hold to their overall opposition (which is highly unlikely)it would be quite funny to hear Obama and the Dems explain that the “Change we need, is four more years of Bush economic policy”. They might want to even save the signs. The “Change We Need” signs could easily be made into “We Need Change” signs. It could be handy on the local street corner.

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