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McCain rushed back to Washington to lead his party in supporting the bailout. Today, the Republicans voted down what their President and their candidate supported. If John McCain can’t lead his own party, how is going to lead the country? Just wondering.



  1. Both sides voted it down. 33% of the Democrats voted against it alongside 51% percent of the Republicans.

  2. Part of the bipartisan deal was the Democrats would supply half of the votes, the GOP the other half. The Democrats lived up to their side of the bargain. The Republicans did not.

  3. The real crisis here is genuine leadership. We can certainly see after today that the Republicrat “leadership” is a deep void. No one says the hard thing that we need to hear… the prophets are banished from the temple. Better hard adversity that is honest with you than loose prosperity that lies to you all the time. God is not mocked — a man reaps what he sows.

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