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In tonight’s debate John McCain twice exhorted the undecided voters that they need “a steady hand on the tiller.” Apparently, he has forgotten who is being credited as remaining “steady” in the current financial crisis. Let me put it in words the Senator can understand. It’s “that one.”


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  1. I especially loved McCains solution to the financial correction. McCain went to war in Vietnam and spent five and a half years in a POW camp to defend America against the threat of communism. Then when he gets a chance to become president, the first thing he does in his big debate is to advocate a form of communism — “ordering” the Treasury Secretary to nationalize “foreclosed” mortgages.

    As far as Obama goes the “steady” hand credit, comes from people voting for him. Suprise..suprise. Of course a steady hand after 9/11 would have said no the the knee jerk Patriot Act, the steady would have voted no to the knee jerk of the Iraq War (sorry, Obama gets a no decision on this one since he didn’t have the pressue of being a US Senator of course Biden did vote wrong), on this last knee jerk the steady hand would have voted no or in my opinion HELL NO. Obama’s steady hand is a steady hand straight to hell and McCains is the same destination just a slightly differnt path.

    Accountability and regulation is the word that these two minions keep using. They are waving it around as though it sets up some kind of mystical aura of protection, which it actually does, for them. Insisting on accountability for others means that they can forestall . . . accountability for them and their political cronies.

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