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While the Palin wing of the Republican party is celebrating Barack’s scary-sounding middle name, sometimes-serious conservative house organ National Review is debating what shade of red Obama is:

Second, and relatedly, Obama’s radicalism, beginning with his Alinski/ACORN/community organizer period, is a bottom-up socialism.  This, I’d suggest, is why he fits comfortably with Ayers, who (especially now) is more Maoist than Stalinist.  What Obama is about is infiltrating (and training others to infiltrate) bourgeois institutions in order to change them from within — in essence, using the system to supplant the system.

So McCain wanting the governemnt to buy back all the upside down mortgages–––would that be more Stalinist or more Maoist?


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  1. Marxist. To be specific Harpo Marx.

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