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I was reading some Jack Chick end times tracts recently, and they got me thinking. You know how all the major airlines make sure that there are never two born-again Christians in the cockpit? You know, in case of rapture? So tell me, how come the GOP ticket have two Bible-believing, born agains on the same ticket? That’s just reckless!  And maybe feckless. Who will be left behind to be President when the rapture happens? Seriously! That is why every patriotic evangelical Christian (and there are quite a few) should vote for Obama-Biden. It is the only rapture-ready ticket. Obama has a personal relationship with Jesus and Joe Biden is a devout Catholic. So as Jack Chick will gladly tell you, Joe Biden won’t be making the trip.



    • theaudacityofjesus
    • Posted October 11, 2008 at 3:30 pm
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    Amen. Please look for my book, The Audacity of Jesus.

  1. You’re right, I mean, who would run the economy? Who would run our wars? Who would run our lives? Wait, we might just see an immediate improvement with the raptured President and VP.

    Shucks, I just looked it up and sure enough Nancy Pelosi is next in line. There goes my argument.

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