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NYT columnist David Brooks is at a crossroads. What do you do when you can’t in good conscience cast a ballot for the GOP candidate? How do you keep your conservative street cred and endorse a wild-eyed liberal like Obama? Jim Sleeper elaborates:

Brooks can try to dig up new reasons to support McCain/Palin, or he can join neoconservative Field Marshall William Kristol — who is drawing on his tremendous accomplishments with Dan Quayle and Alan Keyes — in calling for a thorough McCain-campaign makeover. But trying to rescue McCain/Palin would cost Brooks the respect even of some neoconservatives and conservatives — from Ed Koch to George Will and even Charles Krauthammer — who’ve actually or virtually endorsed Obama for the sake of the republic.

More likely, Brooks will try to wheedle his way out of making any choice at all. He could resort to his default position as a disinterested observer, emitting ever-loftier platitudes about Obama’s sagacity and Palin’s pugnacity that purport to help us poor partisans see beyond our narrow horizons while leaving him safely up on the hill, watching the battle in the valley below.

Maybe you do what Robert Johnson did. You sell your soul and vote McCain-Palin.


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  1. Thats about the stupidest article I have ever read. Since when does the left get to dictate conservatism. Of course, true conservatism is not supposed to be conserving the Great Society and true conservatism is not suppose to be conserving the the mutant form of crap-italism we now have. True conservatism defends the “truly” free markets as the only moral economic system for society. True conservatism defends the Constitiution and the rule of law. True conservatism defends all innocent life. True conservatism is intellectually robust and easily shows the complete moral bankruptcy of the arguments of the left.

    As for David Brooks, sorry he is not a true conservative. He is just another of the mutant casterated variety that has infected the GOP. The sooner they are off the reservation the better it will be.

    As far as selling our soul, its a done deal regardless if you vote for the McCain/ Palin or Obama/ Biden- now we just have HELL TO PAY.

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