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An excerpt from my forthcoming book The Velvet Bomb:

June 12,1968
Chicago, Illinois

A disillusioned 23-year-old William Ayers sat in his cell contemplating how he would finally overthrow the U.S. government. Clearly, speeches and marches had proven ineffective. Bombs and violence had only exacerbated the thuggish tyranny of Lyndon Johnson’s goon squad. No, Ayres needed to hatch a plan far more sinister than anything his Weatherman comrades had thought of.

A time bomb.

A cellmate had told him of a remarkable 6-year-old boy in Hawaii named Barry Obama. Ayers listened with rapt attention. The boy was black. He was the child of a broken home. But this little boy had a dream:  to play basketball in the NBA.

Ayers instinctively knew this child would be his savior. All he would have to do is change the trajectory of the 6-year-old’s future basketball career and groom him to be the first Afro-American President of the United States. The overthrow would be complete. How would Ayers accomplish this elaborate scheme? That would take some time. But sitting in that Chicago jail cell, time was one thing that Bill Ayers had plenty of.


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  1. Yes, but have you read the Manchurian Canidate II. In this story a Viet Cong prisoner of war is brainwashed to run for the Presidency on the platform of the limiting the peoples ability to finance elections, invading foriegn lands, and finally government ownership of all homes. The keyword used to brainwash him is “Maverick”.

    His effort of course is twarted in the end. The new President, representing change, immediately has the government buy up all the homes, invades another foriegn land and limits the peoples ability to finance elections.

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