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That’s right, Obama the Muslim-Arab-baby-killing-flag-burning-socialist is more pro-life than McCain and Palin put together. It all depends on how narrowly or how broadly you define your terms. Jeff Schwietzer makes the following points:

A great irony in the debate about the sanctity of life is that pro-choice proponents and liberal Democrats are the greatest defenders of life, even though Republicans have incorrectly assumed the mantle of “pro-life.” Nothing could be further from the truth of that moniker stolen by the far right. When a conservative Republican spouts piously about the sanctity of life, he does not really mean that all life is sacred. He means human life, and only some human life…Bush, with McCain’s support, continues to decimate funding for family planning in the world’s poorest countries in Asia and Africa. We defund any group or organization that even mentions the word abortion. Bush just announced that we will no longer support any clinic that also receives funds from the highly respected British aid group, Marie Stopes International, which operates clinics in the most desperate regions. The clinics we no longer support provide primary health care for millions of women, and are often the only source for childhood immunizations. Due to this tragic action by religious zealots in Washington, at least 150,000 additional unwanted pregnancies will occur, leading to an additional 60,000 abortions that otherwise would not have been performed. That makes Bush and McCain the world’s leading cheerleaders for abortion.



  1. Thats pretty funny. I really like the idea of narrow and broadly. I would especially like to apply it to my own sin. You know it is just a matter of how narrowly or broadly you want to define it (with emphasis on you defining it).

    The republican fight to save innocent babies. The Democrats fight to save innocent “trees”? You know life as you define it (emphasis on you define it).

    Huh…you really think that the position is defendable?

  2. For instance, every citation about killing, murder and the sanctity of human life in the Scriptures are usually, if not exclusively, speaking of a life outside of the womb. However, expanding these concepts to include unborn life is a broadening of these biblical principles. So the Pro-life forces broadens the definition to include the unborn. This only makes sense. What is ironic, however, is that they then ask us to consider only a candidate’s policies that concern the sanctity of unborn life and that we oppose condom distribution strategies that would lower the number of abortions. They ask the voter to have a survival of the richest attitude toward the child this side of the womb. They seem disinterested in our high infant mortality rate, particularly if it smacks of socialized solutions. They encourage us to send young men and women to their deaths in unjust, wrong-headed wars. A very narrow concern for human life, it seems to me. They are clearly anti-abortion, but pro-life only in a very narrow sense.

  3. I suppose the same argument can be had by saying the Pro-Choice movement narrowly defines life (only the born) while the Pro-lifers broadly define killing (every human living).

    What is ironic, however, is that you are asking me to consider only a candidate’s policies that concern the sanctity of the state. I clearly don’t share your enthusiasm for their sanctity. The more economic and personal liberty a country has the higher its infant mortality, higher its standard of living across all spectrum, the less it is prone to unjust wrong-headed wars and the higher its freedom to help meet the needs of those with far less economic and
    personal liberty. Your arguments are just not backed up by reality.

    Democrats are clearly Pro-choice, as long as a select few get to do the choosing.

  4. I meant to say the lower it infant mortality.

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