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When you have deep pockets you can run 30-minute commercials instead of 30-second ones. Billionaire Ross Perot did it. Now Obama has done it. The unit was effective and moving. For like much of Obama’s rhetoric, the half hour ad was about we the people, not he the candidate. As Obama repeats “this election has never been about me, it’s been about you.” And so, we watched three or so stories of American families trying to get by. Not some cardboard cut-out shill called “Joe the plumber”, but real, living, breathing middle-class families with medical bills they can’t afford and retirements they can’t enjoy. It was a commercial about us. Which is the real irony of this election. The Democratic ads have been about middle-class Americans. The McCain ads have been all about Obama.



  1. The real thing about politics is to touch candidate hearts. Obama has done it through his ad. As per my opinion, Obama can drill the deep truth of being in the middle-class and how they struggle for a living.

  2. I was hoping that he was selling Veg-o-matics on his 30 minute infomercial. The trouble is that the Veg-o-matic works better than his economic plan. We are in for a rough ride despite the commercial about us.

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