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That is what some of the true believer conservatives are saying about the election. Obama is a socialist and so is McCain. So is Dubya, for that matter. So write-in Ron Paul and let the Republicans take their lumps. Then, the view surmises, maybe the conservative movement will rise out of the ashes. A fellow named Roscoe at a conservative message board laments:

So what’s the point in voting for McCain this fall? I’ve concluded that there isn’t one considering the poor track record of his party. I’m either going to vote for Baldwin or write in Paul. Sure, Obama is very liberal and I expect he will do many things as president that I won’t agree with. I can’t in good conscience vote for him, and have no illusions that all will be well and we will all sit down and sing kumbaya under him. I won’t, however, be upset at this point if he wins. After all the big spending, big government ways of Bush (the bailout is the latest and probably greatest example), I’m not going to be scared into voting for the Republicans by calling for another round of tax cuts and decrying Obama as a big government liberal. As if Bush isn’t a big government liberal. In addition to increasing the size of government and the national debt, Bush’s policies have led to inflation because he has printed so much money. Ron Paul’s correct that this kind of inflation amounts to a tax raise, especially for the poor and the middle class when they go to buy things such as groceries and gas. Also, if Obama is a radical for hanging out with the likes of Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers, what does that make McCain for having a neocon extremist such as Max Boot as one of his foreign policy advisors? And Palin simply isn’t qualified to be VP. So anyway, the Republicans just need to lose this fall.



  1. I probably a little more optimistic about Palin but I have decided to vote for none of the above. I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone.

    • Jason Hall, A New Libertarian
    • Posted November 11, 2008 at 1:56 pm
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    hehe… Dead elephant.

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