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The headline reads: Obama Pushes Abortion on Day One with Emanuel Pick. Wow! Is the pro-life movement single-issue or what? The article in, a website which assumes that the Obama’s agenda is as myopic as theirs, goes on to point out that as a congressman Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has had a consistent pro-choice record. Not a great surprise. However, what they fail to point out is the fact that Emanuel has been out there recruiting every patriotic pro-life Democrat he can find to challenge Republican-held seats throughout the country. This is a giant step for the Democratic Party. Clearly, it is a tactical move. But nevertheless, a significant move. Already we have seen the Democratic plank on abortion inching away from a radical pro-abortion stance to advocate for financially-strapped pregnant women to aid them in choosing life. This is big news and I am surprised that a pro-life journal would totally overlook it. Of course, you have to look at the politics of your average pro-life group. They are usually opposed to government assistance to poor mothers and their children. The pro-life compassion abruptly stops at the birth canal.


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