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Running the numbers on the election, it appears that evangelicals supported the McCain-Palin ticket in greater numbers than they did Bush-Cheney  four years ago. Considering that McCain started the primary season with little support among Religious Right honchos like James Dobson and Pat Robertson, this was quite a feat. Considering he lost the election, this was no great accomplishment. The GOP tent is shrinking. Look at Proposition 8. It passed in the blue state that handed Obama the victory. That didn’t happen without those who voted for Obama also voting against gay marriage. This year, conservative values and voting for Obama was not mutually exclusive. The GOP has there work cut out for them.


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  1. I don’t know if Obama won the election so much as McCain lost it. Obama’s race was not nearly as much of a factor as McCain’s age. I don’t know if Republicans are really in trouble; they just need to do a better job choosing a guy to put on the ticket.

    After W, I don’t know if any Republican could have won this year. Reagan himself could have rose from the dead and lost Nov. 4.

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