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Sources say that Tim Geithner will be the next Secretary of the Treasury. Or, as Hank Paulson affectionately calls the job, Secretary of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” Geithner was born on Aug. 18, 1961, and raised in the United States, Asia and Africa. So, like the President-elect, he’s an over-educated global elitest who probably pals around with terrorists.


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  1. No. He is a over-educated global elitest who will print money until we either run out of ink or trees to get us out of this mess. He will fail(I give him 16-18 months before being fired) bcause there is no way possible for an inflationist to suceed.

    So so far Obama’s change is like the the old joke, wherein the commanding officer of a military unit was told, by a subordinate, that his men had not had a change of underwear for months. The officer responded: “that’s no problem: Smith you change underwear with Jones, Johnson you change underwear with Walker, Thompson you change underwear with Adams,” etc.

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