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Pastor Ed Young recently challenged his Baptist congregation to have more sex. Okay, not exactly the sort of sermon you might expect from an Evangelical preacher. But probably not a sermon you’d sleep through, either. Tucker Carlson pontificates:

The most comprehensive study of American sexual behavior ever undertaken (published by the University of Chicago and marketed under the notably non-arousing title The Social Organization of Sexuality) found that, in fact, “having a religious affiliation was associated with higher rates of orgasm for women.” The devout are actually having better sex than the rest of us.

So maybe it’s worth listening to the megachurch pastor. Ed Young says compulsory, scheduled sex will improve your marriage. Doesn’t sound very romantic. But is it true? Try the following thought experiment:

Let’s say your marriage was falling apart. Alienated, angry, frustrated with couples therapy, you decide to divorce. But before you do, you agree to try one last thing: Every day for a month, you’ll have sex. You don’t particularly want to, but you will, and you’ll be disciplined about it: half an hour minimum, naked, both striving for orgasm.

Let’s say you actually did that. Do you think by the end of the month you’d go through with the divorce? Maybe you would. Likely you wouldn’t.


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  1. My sister was going to the E. Young church but quit – because of her teenage daughter being exposed to such stuff. (And I agreed with her.)

    Thanks for your take on it – gave me some good perspective!

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