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A year ago a bridge collapsed. This year the economy followed suit. With the announcement that 530,000 jobs were lost in November and that we are “officially” in a recession, a public works program to create jobs and rebuild crumbling infrastructure sounds like a hell of an idea. People with jobs making money, rebuilding our country. It can’t hurt.



  1. So the government can raise money by:

    Stealing it- lets invade another country and steal their oil

    Taxing- lets take away more money from people (great idea to tax the very capital that is needed to recover, not a great incentive to save and invest).

    Borrow it- the Chinese and the rest of the world are really happy about the money that was loaned to the US. Those 10 year Treasurys yielding less than 3% are a great buy (especially when inflation is atleast 3%)

    Print it- good old helicopter Ben, pennies from heaven, lets critizes Zimbabwee for doing the verything we will be doing.

    For every job the govment creates at least one is lost in the private sector. FDR’s Works Progress Administration only made unemployment get worse not better. Check the facts. FDR’s ideas of the WPA, CCC and, worst of all, National Recovery Act prolonged the depression. All they can do is hurt, they can’t help.

    Here’s the only thing that can get us out of our current mess:

    We need to bring our troops home. We can not be policeman to the word. It has been a mistake to go and it continues to be a mistake to stay. We need to end American Imperialism. We do need to protect and defend our borders thats it. Likely hood of this happening– 0%

    We need the size of government to shrink. We need to do the opposite of what Obama intends to do. Government make work progams are a waste of limited capital. Likelyhood of this happening– 0%.

    We need to cut taxes across the board and especailly taxes on capital. We need to encourage private capital investmentnot discourage it. Likelyhood of this happening– 0%.

    We need to decrease the amount of government regulation. The courts need to enforce the rule of law for the abundance of fraud that has taken place. People need to be taken to prison and be financially punished as well. Likelyhood of this happening– 0%.

    We need a President that will tell us that it is a mess and that it will be a difficult couple of years for the imbalances to work their way out of the system. The excesses of government were great and the pain of the correction will be equally great. The likelyhood of this happening— 0%.

    So if you add up all my percentages we have exactly 0% chance of recovery in the near future. Eventually, the market will provide the discipline needed to change the percentages and to start the recovery. That will be awhile though.

  2. How aboutt going back to the gold standard, disbanding the Trilatteral Commission and dismantling the Illuminati, while we’re at it?

  3. Thats a great way to end debate. Trilatteralist? Illuminati? Usually the left adds in Fascist and the right adds communist, its a great way to end debate without defending your ideas. I take it that you have no idea what the gold standard means as well.

    I remember a year ago telling you that I thought the biggest issue of the election was going to be the economy, it was going to be far worse than anybody thought. I think you thought the war was going to the big issue. What war?

    The big issue for next year, the economy. It still going to be far worse than almost anybody still thinks.

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