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It seems that the emerging Obama cabinet continues to be a crowd-pleaser, for all but the most partisan Republicans (those who still wish that we could give Bush a third term and make Sarah Palin First Lady). Even liberal fringer  Robert Scheer sees Gates as a pretty good choice:

Gates has been a vast improvement over Donald Rumsfeld in grasping the limits of military power.

Gates also dared challenge the military-industrial complex over egregious military spending on projects such as the $65 billion F-22 stealth fighter plane that was designed to penetrate Soviet air defenses that were never built and has yet to fly a combat sortie in either the Afghanistan or Iraq wars. That’s a start on cutting military spending, which under President Bush grew to be higher than at any time since World War II, exceeding the levels of both the Korean and Vietnam wars. Thanks to Bush, the United States now spends as much as all of the rest of the world’s nations combined to defeat an enemy armed with a weapons arsenal that, in the case of the 9/11 attacks, could have been purchased for a couple hundred bucks at Home Depot.


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  1. If Holdover = Change, then Holdover x (B) x (C)= Change BC. The B represents the Bush Administration. The C represents the Clinton Administration. To the astute political observer it is known as Obama’s Change (B)ull (C)rap Equation.

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