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Here’s an interesting chart I stumbled on to. Apparently, the tendency to seek the Almighty in prayer is as strong among Democrats as Republicans. Which is odd, considering the papable antipathy that liberals generally have toward all things not secular. Now clearly, the African-American demographic helps the Democrat numbers and I am sure that many a staunch Democrat is praying to our Mother/Father God, the goddess Sophia, Krishna and, of course, the great and exalted Oprah. But the encouraging thing to me is the number of my evangelical friends who are praying for the President-elect. One of my friends told me this week that although Obama is not a leader, totally clueless on foreign policy and has a lot of silly liberal economic ideas, my friend daily prays “that Christ will invade his heart.” Translation: change his position of abortion rights and gay rights. So yes, the Left seems to pray as much as the Right does. The difference is that the Right prays that Christ will invade and the Left simply prays that Bush will not.


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  1. Thats great! Nice post. I love the Bush invade part.

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