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I must admit I am amazed at how the homosexuals and gay advocates have pounced on Rick Warren. Of course, homosexuals and I have never agreed on what to pounce upon. But the Rick Warren hysteria has seemed grossly miscalculated. Afterall, he is hardly the crumudgeonly Doc Dobson, wringing his hands over the devious homosexual agenda. He is simply an evangelical cleric who refuses to shred the Scriptures in the spirit of inclusive Kum Ba Ya. Sorry, the man believes that the Good Book is inspired and unchangable. And don’t blame Rev. Rick that St Paul and Moses tend to lump homosexual acts in with bestiality, murder, witchcraft and covetousness. It also takes a dim view of adultery, divorce and other acts from the heterosexual playbook. So take a deep breath and stop acting like a bunch of high-strung Nancies. We were all starting to believe you were nothing more than well-adjusted, balanced American surburbanites who were ready to settle down and nest. Now, we are beginning to remember why we never liked you in the first place. You are the kind of grating, whining, immature and impatient queens that we would never want to see our sons to grow up and be like. Call it a phobia, if you like. But hey, I was born this way.



  1. Did you see what Rick Warren said in his recent interview about gay marriage?

    Heres the link:

  2. Inviting Rick Warren to speak at the Presidential inauguration is tantamount to inviting O.J. Simpson to speak at a women’s shelter.

    Evan Wolfson guesstimates we will have Federal Marriage Equality in about 30 years (which would almost certainly require equality in employment and the military also).

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