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Andrew Sullivan contrasts Obama and Bush:

One impression from Obama’s interactions with the Republicans and Democrats in Congress: Obama clearly sees the presidency as a different institution than his immediate predecessor. This is a good thing, it seems to me. Bush had imbibed a monarchical sense of the office from his father and his godfather (Cheney). The monarch decided. If you were lucky, you’d get an explanation later, usually dolled up in propaganda. But the president had one accountability moment – the election of 2004 – and the rest of the time he saw the presidency as a form of power that should be used with total boldness and declarative clarity…If Bush was about the presidency as power, Obama is about the presidency as authority. It’s fascinating to watch this deep difference in understanding slowly but unmistakably realize itself in public actions. Somewhere the Founders are smiling.



  1. Never have I witnessed such blindness such ignorance and dishonesty as I have in this blog – I think you might be one of these brainwashing bloggers. What is it? What is it you Obama worshippers see in this man that you are so mezmerized that you would allow yourselves to be sucked in by this guy as by a black hole? You know, I am SO sick and tired of the goings on and on and on about Bush! BUSH IS GONE. Get out of your denial stage, and see Obama for who he truly is. He does not care about you. Do you get it? Obama cares about Obama. WAKE UP OUT OF YOUR STUPOR. Ask your children or yourself depending on how old you are right now, in a few years how they like it when they are still paying off this black hole of a deficit caused by obama’s stimulus band aid and other wild spending antics! What kind of ignorance would praise Obama in continuing to make 100 times worse any mess that has been made by any president in history? Somewhere the founding fathers are smiling?!! NO! they are rolling over in their graves! Obama is a squatter in the White House! Obama got in from cheating ALL THE WAY UP! From Chicago to Washington it was cheat, cheat and cheat some more until he ripped off the presidency. Obama never had as much as the experience of a mayor! Obama and his lunatic administration are doing exactly what our Founding Fathers feared most and wrote up the constitution to prevent, yet they had no idea that one would come and just trample all over it anyway, and do what he wants regardless of what the majority of Americans want. Stop blaming Bush for everything and wake up. Unfortunatley for you (whether you realize it or not) and me, Obama, this illegal immigrant, is the one in the highest seat. Put the blame where it belongs.

    • If you check the date on this blog entry you will it was posted back in January. I am totally over bashing the former President. Today I just wave to him when I see him in the grocery store.

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