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In an uniquely bipartisan move, the President has voted Republican Senator Judd Gregg as his Secreatary of Commerce. This would take a Republican out of theSenate and put him in an almost invivisible post in the Obama administration. Pundits have been stratching their heads over will Gregg would want to swaps roles. The Democratic Governor of New Hampshire, Gregg’s home state has given his word that he will appoint another Republican to the vacated seat. As the Gregg  announcement was being made, Tom Daschle was making an announcement of his own. He is removing his name as Secretary of Health. Gee, its kinda embarrassing when all these Democrat appointees withdraw because of surprising skeletons rattling out of the closets. Even more embarrassing when Obama has to look to the GOP to find his squeaky-clean do overs.



  1. “Has to look to the GOP”. Yeah i’m sure that’s what he was doing =/

  2. Looks like the Republican decided not to vote for Obama though. Obama might want to rethink his bipartisan solutions to governing- it seems that people might disagree with your policies and be “partisan”. Can’t we just all get along and do what Obama wants!

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