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The original pro-life movement started decades before Roe v. Wade by what these days would be thought of as a very unlikely group: Female suffragettes. Abortion was seen as a wicked assault on both life and motherhood. Today, the liberal origins of this movement is often forgotten. But if you clear away the brush from the last 30 years of being so tightly aligned with the American conservative agenda, it is not out of the question that this cause could make headway in the age of Obama.

Micheal Doughtery writes in the American Conservative:

…the speakers and marchers were surprisingly gentle on Obama. Pastors pleaded from the dais for him to reconsider his support of legal abortion. Priests and rabbis quoted Obama’s inaugural rhetoric, saying that the unborn also deserve “the God-given promise that all are equal, all are free” under our laws. Over and over, speeches asked how he could remain true to his commitment to civil rights and deprive unborn children of the right to life.

The effect of this on the conscience of the new president is unknowable…The ease with which pro-lifers adopt Obama’s words shouldn’t surprise anyone. While the movement is a conservative social movement, dedicated to protecting the family from internal breakdown, it is also a liberal political movement, making the case for equal treatment under the law. This emphasis on egalitarianism draws from the same progressive traditions informing Obama’s rhetoric.


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