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So the GOP romance of the century is off. Bristol has made up her mind. And mom respects her choice. Just like she respected her daughter’s choice when she chose to have her baby instead of a nice, private abortion. It’s just the right to choose that she opposes. Which makes Sarah Palin more complicated than people give her credit for. But maybe Bristol’s choices aren’t always the wisest. Like not giving her baby the benefits of a two-parent household. In spite of all our modern ideas, statistics still indicate that kids raised in a two-parent household perform better in school and in life. The prisons are full of kids from one-parent households. The rest are in therapy. So how about it, Sarah? Where is all that small-town values stuff when it counts? Either hand over that child to an adoptive family that will love it. Or break out the twelve gauge. Afterall, this is Wasilla not Hollywood.


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