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The best I tell, there is only one group of Americans who are not upset about AIG paying their executives $165 million in bonuses right after crying poor mouth and siphoning off $170 billion in taxpayer dollars. The AIG executives themselves. What is AIG? the Eddie Haskell of financial institutions? Can I borrow five dollars for lunch money, Mrs. Cleaver? for I have foolishly squandered away my allowance. Oh thank you, Mrs. Cleaver, you are just as generous as young Wallace says you are. Okay, Wally I got the money from your dumbass mom, let’s go buy a hooker. Sorry, bad analogy. Hookers are at least competent at their jobs. What have any AIG executive done but contribute to this trainwrecked global nightmare?



  1. We are in so much agreement here. If you can cramdown mortgages you can surely cramdown bonus contracts.

    By the way, How much would their bonus be if they were not bailed out?

    Answer: zero dollars

  2. This also shows the ineptness of both the Bush and Obama adminstration. These issues could have easily been taken care of with a modicum of due diligence from Treasury officals to make sure they had sign-offs from all the people AIG that had these bonus contracts.

    Geitner needs to be fired. This is another in the line of the many failures of Geitner and Obama.

    You are outraged and you should be but giving Obama a free pass is outrageous to me.

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