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Every President has made use of the so-called bully pulpit. Some like, Reagan, mastered it. Others like Dubya used it more sparingly. Obama has expanded the boundaries. Unlike previous Presidents, he has chosen to keep effective campaigning techniques alive post election: the rally, the town hall meeting, etc. He has even elected to show up on Leno. Relaxed, affable and ready with quips about American Idol and cute stories about Sasha, we can almost forget that the banks are failing, people losing jobs and we are in the middle of a global recession. It’s nice to have a President that pushes the envelop a bit. And a Vice President that no one thinks in their wildest dreams is running a shadow government (this guy Biden would be the first to tell us if he was). It’s also nice that we have a Democratic President that has bigger things on his plate than which intern to date.


One Comment

  1. Yes, it is refreshing.

    I’m amazed at how so many people are looking for instant recovery. Be patient, people!

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