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Reagan was the Great Communicator. Dubya was a Uniter not a Divider (well, until he split the country in two). And  now Obama is stepping up as a global peacemaker. At the G-20 things between China and France got a little heated until our president stepped in.

Sarkozy specifically was pushing for a list from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to be included in the G-20 Leaders’ Statement.

Headquartered in Paris, the OECD has 30 member countries — all capitalist democracies.

China opposed any such list being included in the final Leaders’ Statement.

“China tends to have a problem endorsing the documents of organizations like the OECD that they’re not a party to,” the senior administration official said.

But Mr. Obama, according to this account, stepped between the two men, urging them to try to find consensus, and giving them a “pep talk” about the importance of working together.

The senior adminstration official said that Mr. Obama pulled Mr. Sarkozy aside, took him to a corner, “and discussed possible alternatives,” the senior official said.

Once they arrived at one, President Obama “sent a message to the Chinese” that a counter-offer was on the table. The Chinese spent some time considering the offer. But they took a few minutes.

So Mr. Obama, with the assistance of translators, suggested that he and Mr. Hu have a conversation as well. They, too went to the corner to talk. After a few minutes, Mr. Obama called upon Mr. Sarkozy to join them.

“Translators and sherpas in tow, they reached an agreement,” the official said. “There was a multiple shaking of hands.”



  1. Interesting that a senior administration offical would have such have such high praise for Obama. Naive, my friend, you are naive.

  2. The greatest thing that peacemaker/ master of the universe/ jedi knight/ last hope for all humanity could have done was take them all out for beers and do nothing except let the market correct itself. Intrusive government, which caused the problem, is not the fix of the problem. Until we learn that look forward to an awfully hard future.

    • Right, too much government meddling is why we are facing Great Depression 2.0. Things were going swimmingly without all that pesky government regulation. Until it didn’t. I guess you forgot that part, uh?

  3. Havn’t had time to correct your poor thinking on economics. So lets destroy your thinking one by one,

    1. If only we had more government regulation everything would be fine.

    So lets name the most highly regulated parts of our economy. Banking. Healthcare. Education. As you say things are just going along swimmingly in these areas. Big business loves regulation. It uses the coercive power of the state to keep the competition out. You confuse money for capitalism. Mercantilism handles lots of cash. Fascism loves big business. Bush and Obama are chummy with all sorts of corporations that want to support their vision of government and they in turn will expect support when it comes to regulating all their little competitors right out of business. Thats not capitalism though its corporatism. They got to take the profits and socialize the loses. The guy who opens the hardware store from real savings and sees it prosper or fail is capitalism.

    Understand your terms.

    2. The great depression was caused by government NOT meddling.

    To call Herbert Hoover a non-medder is to not understand history. Hoover only meddeled in the economy just like Bush and now Obama. His Treasury Secretary, Andrew Mellon, told him to let everything liquidate so we could get back to a balanced economy. He did not listen to Mellon and started intervening. Actually, Hoover was Commerce Secretary under Warren Harding. During the Depression of 1920-21, Hoover recommended that the government interven. Harding didn’t listen and the Depression was short and swift. Thats the depression you don’t hear about because that would make government no the saviour government.

    Understand your history.

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