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A Baptist pastor tells his story of border patrol abuse, Constitutional neglect and personal loss of dignity. It is outrageous on so many levels.  ACLU pinkos types can lament how American citizens’ basic rights are being jettisoned by this hamfisted war on immigration. Rightwing Libertarians can claim another poster child for the cause against Big Brother. And Bible-believing Christians can reverently scratch their heads and ask why this banged-up preacher seems to have so totally missed that he, like thousands of martyrs who proclaimed Christ crucified, has been counted worthy  to share in the sufferings of Christ. Funny, I heard somewhere that Christians are suppose to rejoice in this sort of stuff.


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  1. A quick review of Christian martyrs:

    Saint Steven-
    Stoned for his faith

    Burned at the stake for his faith.

    Steven the Baptist-
    Tased and the crap beat out of him for driving to Yuma.

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