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It’s official! Dick Cheney is a bigger Nazi than …um…a Nazi.

Hanns-Joachim Gottlob Scharff (December 16, 1907 – September 10, 1992) was a German Luftwaffe interrogator during the Second World War. He has been called the “Master Interrogator” of the Luftwaffe and possibly all of Nazi Germany; he has also been praised for his contribution in shaping U.S. interrogation techniques after the war.

Merely an Obergefreiter (the equivalent of a senior lance corporal), he was charged with interrogating every German-captured American fighter pilot during the war after his becoming an interrogation officer in 1943. He is highly praised for the success of his techniques, especially considering he never used physical means to obtain the required information. No evidence exists he even raised his voice in the presence of a prisoner of war (POW)….

Scharff was opposed to physically abusing prisoners with the intent to obtain information. Taught on the job, Scharff instead relied upon the Luftwaffe’s approved list of techniques which mostly involved making the interrogator seem as if he is his prisoner’s greatest advocate while in captivity.


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  1. I remember soon after 9/11 when there was a lot of discussion on the morality of obtaining information from a detainee that might know say “the where-abouts of a atomic bomb in Manhattan”. The crisis brought a shift from a concern over individual liberty to a concern over individual security.

    Today, there is a lot of discussion on the morality of “saving the markets from economic collapse”. The crisis has brought a shift from a concern over economic liberty to a concern over economic security.

    So whats the difference between “waterboarding” for individual security and the equivalent “waterboarding” for economic security. When you trade liberty for security you get neither. The despot (republican or democratic, it doesn’t matter) is on the horizon.

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