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In solidarity to the cable mothership’s fair and balance mantra (i.e. It’s a fair bet the coverage will balance the naked facts with rightwing spin and propaganda), the FOX network is refusing to air President Obama’s one-hundredth day prime time press conference. So you will have to watch it on one of the other networks. Of course, the FOX  channel has not forfeited their right to subtly editorialize concerning the event. The program that will run in the time slot? Lie to Me.



  1. The major news channels have announced their schedule for after the Obama press conference:

    NBC- “An American Idol”- Arlene Spector will be special guest singing “I Kissed a Democrat and I liked It”

    CBS- “Survivor: Auto Companys”- GM, Chrystler and Ford will compete for cash prizes from host Timothy Gietner as they try to preserve company pensions and uncompetitive union contracts into perpituity.

    ABC- “Obama Nation Building”- a recap of Obama first 100 days

    Telemundo- “El Swineo”

  2. The Chrsitian Television Network has also annouced its schedule, oddly enough I guess, showing the same show as ABC- “Obamanation Building”.

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